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6 Dating Questions From the last week

Sometimes I think I’ve heard every imaginable dating question with my dating consulting service. Then I hear a new one! Helping singles navigate online dating for over 25+ years, every now and then and I pause before responding.

How to Kick Your Dating Doubts to the Curb

We all have insecurities---some small, some big, which can affect our happiness, well-being and love life. Finding happiness in life can be challenging if you let your self-doubt run the show and tell you who you are as a person.


First dinner ideas for couples in love

Candlelit Romance Chicken:

Succulent, perfectly seasoned chicken dish, creating a cozy atmosphere for a romantic evening

Sizzling Sweetheart Stir-Fry:

A flavorful stir-fry loaded with fresh vegetables and tender protein, a delightful fusion of tastes.

Cozy Blanket Bites:

Homemade picnic-style treats, easy to enjoy while wrapped in blankets, adding warmth to your evening

Wine & Dine Cheers Chicken:

Marinated chicken dish, served with laughter and paired with glasses of celebratory toasts


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