5 Things to Avoid in Dating Someone New


Actually, the title should be things you never, ever put up with when dating someone! My clients range in age from 28 to 78 years old---and all in between. If any of these are one of your early encounters, let’s face it---they will only get worse. You may know my saying: “the best behavior is in the first month(s) of dating”.

Think there was a 3rd date? And she texted him surprised he never asked her out again.

1. Talking on the phone while on a date

If it’s not an emergency or important, why? You just showed your date you don’t value his time.

2. Too inquisitive

 Nosy. Of course, we are talking first dates here. Sure, you can ask how long someone has been divorced. But the buck stops there. It’s none of your business at this point why they divorced, was it acrimonious, are they paying a hefty alimony, etc. Mark, 45, told me a woman asked him if he ever cheated on his wife---on the first date. He was new to online dating and asked me if that was normal. Heck, no!

3. Bad relationships with family and they tell you about it

 Maria, 37, had a date last week with Mark over a coffee and within 10 minutes he told he was estranged from his children, as he was never present in their lives. As he began launching into his dysfunctional childhood, she drained her latte and told him this wasn’t going to work in a gracious manner. And, he looked confused. He texted her the next day asking what he did wrong---and while tempted to tell him you need a whole lot of therapy, she just said she felt no connection. Smart. There is absolutely no reason to stay for an hour when someone launches their issues on you. (Oh, she blocked him on her phone too). Things like this---you just move on!

4. Language

 Ok, so she’s a Wall Street trader and exposed and used to foul language. And uses it herself. As Michael commented “I walk in, see this pretty, petite woman and think, yes! Then she opened her mouth”.

5. They don’t make you laugh

 Many people comment in online profiles that they enjoy a sense of humor. But that can range from silly, goofy, quirky to a jokester. You either click on this---or don’t! more......

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